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Australian supplier of wind towers gets support from Siemens

Siemens is working with Australian wind tower supplier E & A Contractors to procure a portion of the 90 wind towers for the newly-commenced wind farm development.

Siemens is the turn-key supplier of TrustPower’s Snowtown II wind project and E & A Contractors is a wholly owned subsidiary of E & A Limited.

During the procurement phase, Siemens set a target of sourcing 50 percent of the wind towers from local Australian supplier RPG.

RPG, a well-known Australian wind tower supplier, was recently been placed into Voluntary Administration.

E & A Contractors then secured the key personnel and assets used by RPG in the manufacture of wind towers and will incorporate both the personnel and assets into its existing fabrication and manufacturing business at Whyalla.

During this transitional phase, Siemens and E & A are working collaboratively to meet the high international standards of the project and enable 20 of the towers to be supplied locally within the manufacturing timeframe of mid next year.

E&A Limited, Executive Chairman Stephen Young said: “We are pleased to be developing an opportunity to secure a local contract for the towers.

"Our dialogue with Siemens is progressing positively, and we are looking forward to expanding our business in Whyalla with the aim to supplying towers to the Snowtown II wind farm and to retain a strong wind tower business in South Australia.”

The initiative has been supported by the Federal Government and both parties acknowledge their assistance in facilitating a working relationship for the re-establishment of the company in Whyalla. 

Siemens Vice President David Pryke says: “As part of this great project we have actively collaborated with Australian suppliers to supply the towers locally.

"E & A have demonstrated strong business acumen and a commitment to re-establishing the wind tower business for South Australia by acquiring the key assets and people of RPG.

"Snowtown II is a significant project for South Australia and will supply 180,000 homes with renewable energy – this will be South Australia’s largest wind farm and is an important step in building a sustainable future for Australia.”

Siemens is discussing the supply timeframe with E&A and will endeavour to work closely with the company to provide them an opportunity to establish their business in a mutually agreed timeframe to support the build of the Snowtown II wind farm.

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