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Australian Space Agency signs agreement with US company Maxar Technologies

The Australian Space Agency has signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation with US-based company Maxar Technologies at the 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Washington DC.

Maxar is a global provider of advanced space-based technology solutions, with significant global expertise in Earth observation and robotics and automation. The company delivers integrated capabilities in Earth imagery, geospatial data, analytics and insights, satellites, and robotics to governments and businesses around the world.

Anthony Murfett, deputy head of the Australian Space Agency, said that the signing highlighted the importance of a global approach to the space sector.

“The Australian Space Agency aims to triple the size of the Australian space industry to $12 billion and create 20,000 new jobs by 2030,” Murfett said.

“Signings with companies such as Maxar will continue to develop the local space economy, and benefit Australians through space technologies.

“Cooperation across government, private industry and research both nationally and internationally will provide linkages for Australia to access a greater segment of the global space economy.”

Maxar is a partner and financial contributor to the Adelaide-based SmartSat CRC. The project is led by a consortium of industry and research organizations to develop technologies that drive future space capabilities in Australia and globally.

“Maxar is honored to support the Australian Space Agency as it seeks to expand the nation’s role in the international civil space community, and we look forward to contributing technology and expertise from our 65-year heritage in space to projects and programs that enable them to achieve this goal,” said Maxar CEO Dan Jablonsky.

The Space Agency’s agreement with Maxar was signed alongside others with the German Aerospace Centre, the Italian Space Agency, and the New Zealand Space Agency.

Federal industry, science and technology minister Karen Andrews said that international partnerships were key to growing Australia’s space industry.

“Australia is never going to be the biggest player, but by engaging our businesses and researchers with other space agencies and industry players around the world, we can carve out our place globally and reap the economic rewards,” Andrews said.

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