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Australian Pump Industries’ new hydraulic tank pumper

Australian Pump Industries has released a new high-head, cast-iron, semi-trash hydraulic drive pump. The 3-inch, self-priming pump, called the Aussie G3TMK-A/ST HYD, is close coupled to a Casappa hydraulic motor.

With a maximum flow of 1100 litres per minute, and a maximum head to 55m, the 3-inch pump is capable of handling a range of applications. These include dust suppression, drill rigs, tankers, mine dewatering and moving contaminated water.

Hydraulic drive pumps derive their power from the main engine of the vehicle or equipment on which they are mounted. Therefore, operators can get the advantages of virtually unlimited power, delivered through a flexible drive system that doesn’t depend on shaft or separate engines.

That flexibility of drive system, and the compact design, means that the pump can be placed in the most appropriate location with big operational cost reductions and advantages.

These advantages include a reduction in maintenance costs by the elimination of a separate petrol or diesel engine to drive the pump.

“This pump bridges a gap in the market in terms of a high-head hydraulic drive pump that will handle dirty water,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manager Neil Bennett.

“At a head of 47m, the pump will deliver 500 lpm flow. That’s impressive for a 3-inch, self-priming, semi-trash pump,” he said.

The pump has good self-priming characteristics with the ability to draw water from pits of depths of 6m. It has been designed to pass solids of up to 16mm in length, making it

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