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Australian Institute for Machine Learning opens research space at Lot Fourteen

The University of Adelaide’s Australian Institute for Machine Learning has officially opened a new research and learning space at the Lot Fourteen innovation precinct in Adelaide.

The Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) is ranked number one in the world for three key areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning. AIML researchers are applying machine learning to agriculture, medical imaging, manufacturing, mining operations, and movie making among many others.

“Our Institute is making an important national and international contribution to pushing the boundaries of what machine learning can do, and how that can be applied to almost every aspect of our lives,” said Professor Anton van den Hengel, director of AIML at the University of Adelaide.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning are already impacting on industries as diverse as agriculture, medicine, transport, space, defence, cybersecurity, and advanced manufacturing, and we aim to ensure South Australia remains at the forefront.

“The support of the South Australian Government in setting up our Institute has been instrumental to our growth and being recognised as one of the best machine learning research groups in the world.

“Over the last two years, we have engaged with more than 100 organisations to help them enter into the new AI-enabled global economy. We are working with 10 South Australian SMEs to develop world class AI products to sell to the world.”

University of Adelaide vice-chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen said that the University’s Australian Institute for Machine Learning was a deep partnership between the University of Adelaide, State Government of SA, and industry partners such as Lockheed Martin.

“Innovation precincts bring together research and education with government and industry. At Lot Fourteen, we are seeing the evolution of a complex, high-tech ecosystem, where the co-location of all these partners is already driving new knowledge and new ways of using that knowledge,” Rathjen said.

“This will result in the creation of new technologies and industries for our state across a range of sectors. The University is pleased that its Australian Institute for Machine Learning is an important part of this ecosystem.”

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