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Australian German alliance refurbishes old rolling mills

Australian design engineering and fabrication company Leussink says its partnership with German precision flat bearings supplier Corts Engineering has had an immediate and positive impact.

The partnership’s latest project in Australia was to refurbish an old rolling mill roughing stand for BlueScope Steel which was so successful that subsequent orders are likely to follow.

BlueScope Steel has expressed a strong interest for the Corts-Leussink alliance to refurbish its chocks on the same hot strip mill to incorporate Corts bearings.

“It is an instant success for the alliance and has arguably broken new ground at BlueScope Steel,” said Leussink Director and Design Engineer, Jason Leussink.

“This is the first attempt by BlueScope to machine what is basically the heart of its operation. It is like doing heart surgery; the heart was becoming weaker and weaker and the client took active steps to renew its lifespan and have it turning over as good as new.”

The Corts-Leussink partnership between Leussink Engineering and Corts Engineering (of Germany) has opened the doors for all Australian rolling mills (ferrous and non ferrous) to vastly extend their lifespan.

A capability now exists to make complete refurbishment to even the oldest of the country’s rolling mills to original specification and extend their lifespan to remain a part of the Australian manufacturing sector.

This partnership takes a holistic approach that includes a thorough laser-based survey of all components and including their current structural integrity.

What follows is an extensive planning necessary to bring the facility back to the level it was when it was brand new OEM design specification.

This process combines the expertise of Corts Leussink, Surveyors, on-site machine operators and mechanical engineers collect the relevant data and modify the current status back to OEM specification.

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