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Australian distributor appointed for SyxthSense

PACE looks at a new range of building energy management solutions.

United Kingdom-based SyxthSense is offering building energy management solutions to many building types, as well as solutions for home automation.

Its BMS solutions are flexible, based on common industry standards, provide energy savings and are intuitive and easy to use, according to the manufacturer.

SyxthSense BMS solutions are designed based on 10 years’ experience in the industry. They are innovative, fresh and utilise the latest technology standards. Recently, Melbourne based Ocean Controls was appointed a distributor for its products.

SyxthSense has recently expanded its SRC-50, SRC-60 and SRC-601 touchscreen room solutions range. The range consists of thermostats, graphical user interfaces (GUI) and room controllers. The products are suitable for both building and home automation and have BACnet/Modbus connectivity for system purposes.

One of the most popular models is the SRC-601, which is a flush- mounted BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU controller with a large colour intuitive 3.5-inch touchscreen for viewing the system status and modifying the settings. The SRC-601 controllers are designed for hotel, hospitality, offices, commercial applications, houses, apartment buildings and any other area where a user interface is required. The SRC-601 controller has control functionality on-board allowing it to be used in a variety of applications. All inputs and outputs are configurable to the required application.

The SRC-601 controller has a built-in temperature sensor, one resistive NCT10 input, one digital input, two analogue 0-10 Vdc outputs (e.g. heating/cooling), three 230 V relay outputs (e.g. three-speed fan) and BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU RS485 communication. The optional measurements include relative two per cent accurate humidity, CO2 measurement and alarming, and 0-10 Vdc inputs for feedback monitoring. All inputs and outputs are configurable to the required application.

The SRC-601 controllers can operate in “Comfort”, “Eco” and “Off” modes allowing energy savings. The intuitive touchscreen shows the “energy ring” indicating if there is heating or cooling demand, and the screen can also be dimmed at night.

The SRC-601 controllers have fan control functionality allowing one, two and three-speed fan manual control as well as EC fan control. Advanced logic inside the device allows room space to be monitored for both temperature and CO2 and the environment can be controlled to the optimal conditions.

With CE (Control Extension) optional, the device will have also control for lights, blinds and additional party mode to activate boost conditions.

The SRC601 BACnet MS/TP, or Modbus RTU communications, allows simple integration to building management systems. The device has a list of BACnet network objects, and all configuration parameters are accessible over the network using device configuration object.

• 24V AC/DC power supply
• Up to four stages of heating/cooling
• Fan speed display and override icons
• Modern designer look with black/chrome colour scheme
• Setpoint adjustment using up and down arrows (temperature)
• Energy ring advising the system status at a glance
• Possibility to show network temperature (e.g. outside temperature)
• Alarm display for out of range of measurements
• Celsius  to Fahrenheit unit selection for hospitality applications
• Traffic light alarms for CO2, temperature and humidity
• Cleaning mode
• Lockable screen with four-digit lock code
• Number of lock screen options depending on the applications
• Maintenance mode password protected
• Simple to use maintenance Mode configuration menus
• Bacnet or Modbus communication models
• With CE-options; lights and blinds control, party mode boost options
• Humidity sensor option for internal humidity display and monitoring.

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