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Australia moves up the rankings in clean energy investment

The report Who’s Winning the Energy Race, published by The Pew Charitable Trusts shows that countries are jockeying for a leadership position in the growing and increasingly competitive clean energy sector. (See chart below.)

The report states that Australia’s investment in the clean sector increased 104 per cent, fuelled by more than US$1 billion worth of investment in new solar capacity.

Australia was commended for its diverse clean energy portfolio, led by the wind sector, which attracted 57 per cent of clean energy investment in 2010.

The solar sector accounted for 34 per cent of 2010 investments. Australia is seeking to increase installed wind energy generating capacity to 4 GW over the next four years.

China may be moving to double its target for solar photovoltaic power capacity over the next five years.


Investment by Country and by Sector in 2010 in billions of US$. [Graph courtesy Who’s Winning the Energy Race.]

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