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Australia-first RFID for information management

Australian business and government will be the first Australian organisations to use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology developed by Recall to track, audit and identify physical documents.

The information management industry in both Australia and New Zealand will benefit from Recall’s RFID technology — a first in Australia following years of development and trialling in North America.

Recall says its RFID technology will bring greater levels of compliance and certainty to the millions of documents securely stored and managed by Recall in Australian information management centres.

Recall’s RFID technology has been used across the United States and Canada since 2006, however the technology’s Australia inception was in Western Australia in August 2008; it is now deployed across all Recall’s Australian information management solutions facilities.

According to Recall, RFID delivers increased security and management efficiency to the storage and auditing of customer records.

By marking document archival cartons with passive RFID tags, and by using specially-designed RFID equipment deployed throughout its facilities, Recall can offer enhanced inventory and audit reporting in a fraction of the time taken by traditional physical audits, says the company.

Recall global vice president — business integration, Russell Skinner, said the company’s new offering will provide never-before-seen levels of speed for the information management industry.

“This is one of the most significant ‘firsts’ that Recall has brought to market,” he said.

“RFID will bring an unprecedented level of speed to audit processes for our customers, leading to significant savings in both cost and time.”

While previously, offices were required to physically lift and move cartons on office racks so that their barcodes could be scanned manually, Recall’s new technology allows RFID tags to be automatically scanned — even through the three-deep carton stacks lined up in Recall Information Centres.

According to the company, some of its customers have “tens of thousands of cartons”, meaning customers needed to put aside a huge amount of time and effort for labour.

“We believe our RFID technology sets new standards in the global information management industry in an increasingly regulated environment,” said Skinner.

“It is very exciting for Recall to be leading the way with the introduction of technologies that deliver real benefits to customers.”

Recall is a global information management provider which incorporates 300 dedicated operation centres in over 20 countries, servicing nearly 80,000 customers.

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