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Australia-Chile free trade agreement encourages export

Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) has developed an Australia-Chile Bilateral Business Committee to help local industry form trade and commercial links with Chilean companies, as part of the recently-announced Australia-Chile Free Trade Agreement.

The agreement, which begins 6th March 2009, adds to a group of free trade agreements signed by Australia in the last few years, and is designed to enhance opportunities for export.

“The completion of the Australia-Chile Free Trade Agreement is a very welcome advance for Australia’s bilateral trade agenda at a time of global economic uncertainty and will be very warmly welcomed by Australian industry,” Ai Group chief executive, Heather Ridout, said.

“In today’s difficult economic conditions and after the virtual collapse of the Doha Round of global trade talks, Australian industry needs fair and open access to as many markets as possible.”

The new Australia-Chile Bilateral Business Committee, which is chaired by Ai Group, is now working to foster industry, trade and commercial links between the two countries to ensure that Australian industry is best-placed to take advantage of this agreement, said Ridout.

“We would encourage Australian businesses looking for new markets to examine how they can potentially take advantage of this new Free Trade Agreement,” she said.

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