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Australia can pioneer the world’s clean technology future

Bold action to boost Australian manufacturing capabilities and grow five onshore cleantech supply chains could generate up to $215 billion and create up to 53,000 additional jobs by 2035.

The report by Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) titled Make it here: building Australia’s clean industrial future said decisive action must be taken to best harness Australia’s abundant resources, raw minerals and innovation capabilities.

BZE CEO Heidi Lee said the future is ‘already being made in Australia’.

“From making batteries to recycling steel, the future is already being made in Australia. We have the skills, capabilities and key technologies needed for a zero emissions economy – let’s put them to work,” said Lee. 

Battery technologies emerge as the most promising sector for Australia’s economic growth and decarbonisation efforts, potentially creating up to 20,000 jobs and $114 billion in revenue by 2035.

Smart investment in industries and regional communities will support places like Gladstone, QLD, Kwinana, WA, and the Hunter Valley, NSW, to grow a clean technology future.

Other bold actions include providing time-limited financial support to build competitive Australian cleantech manufacturing industries, followed by ensuring demand for Australian-made cleantech grows. 

“With the right support, Australia can meet global markets’ demand for refined critical minerals, and support onshore demand for cleantech products. Smart investment in supply chains is critical for Australia’s energy security, long-term jobs market and decarbonisation efforts.

“We need to build capability at the top and tail of cleantech supply chains so we are better equipped to capture the benefits from our consumer products right through to waste that we currently have to bury or ship overseas,” Ms Lee said.

Focusing on cleantech manufacturing in clean industry hubs and creating a circular economy are also priorities.


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