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AUSTECH 2015 – The draw will be the latest & emerging technologies

and foremost, manufacturing professionals attend trade shows to see new
technology. New technology is what they will get at this year’s AUSTECH,
Australia’s premier advanced precision manufacturing and machine tool

Co-located with National Manufacturing Week (NMW), the show will be
held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 26 to 29 May.

is the largest gathering of metalworking technologies in Australia. What better
opportunity to experience new and different ways to improve your manufacturing
business by investigating, in a single venue, what the rest of the world is
working on? Manufacturing is always looking for ways and tools to help it make
things better, faster and at lower costs.

those lines, here are a few of the many new products and technologies on show
next week:

Waterjet machining:

Omax Corporation and Headland Machinery Pty. Ltd., the company’s exclusive distribution
partner for Australia, will showcase the versatility and high-speed cutting precision
capabilities of the Maxiem 1530 JetMachining Centre. The all-new 1530
represents the company’s next generation line of Maxiem machines.

on the cost-effective, yet high-performance technology of its predecessors, the
newly redesigned 1530 offers enhanced durability, improved performance, and
faster production times for an overall increase in productivity and
profitability. At AUSTECH, the company is pairing the 1530 with a reliable
40-hp direct-drive pump to demonstrate how easy it is to cut virtually any
material quickly and efficiently.

3D printing/additive

BQ will be showcasing Ciclop, the first
3D scanner with 100% free software and hardware. It has been designed and
developed with the community in mind, so
that they can use it, innovate with it, make their own changes and share them. Ciclop is a
rotating triangulation-based 3D laser scanner (it uses laser light to capture the geometry and texture of
the object rotating on a turntable) and
it is multi-platform. To scan, Ciclop uses Horus, a free software entirely developed by BQ. With this
scanner, BQ is expanding its DIY
ecosystem, which comprised Prusa i3 Hephestos until now.

Evok3D will be showcasing additive
manufacturing in application together with Nissan Motorsport (Nismo). On its
stand the company will have race driving simulators, a display V8 race engine,
competition steering wheel etc. All showcasing 3D printed parts. Most
excitingly any professional 3D printers purchased before June 30 will include a
V8 Supercar Hot Lap in the Nissan Altima V8 Supercars!

Objective3D will be part of the Stratasys
Pavillion – D05 and at the show we will be featuring the world’s most versatile
multi-material 3D printer – The Objet 500 Connex 3 by Stratasys.

Objet 500 Connex 3 brings new production-floor efficiencies to fruition with
in-house tooling, custom jigs, assembly fixtures and gauges. With
triple-jetting technology, hundreds of Digital Materials, and two spacious
build-tray sizes, Connex3 is designers / engineers product development and
production powerhouse.

of this 3D Printer will enjoy unmatched versatility with a range of material
properties from rubber to rigid, transparent to opaque, neutral to vibrantly
colored and standard to biocompatible. For jobs that require a range of
mechanical, optical or thermal properties, only Connex3 lets you combine up to
three base resins in pre-set configurations to produce up to 82 materials in a
single build.

5-axis machining &
CNC technology:

Okuma will showcase three levels of new
technology, including 5-axis machining. New advanced technology machine models
of 5-axis milling with turning, amazing advances in the user-interface of
Okuma’s own OSP controller technology and packaged, kit-style automation

Shera Bonnet &
have a new web-based solution for monitoring the efficiency of CNC machines
real time on show. The company makes use of touch screens and tablets or smart
phones to allow users to view up to the minute status of their CNC machinery
from anywhere they have an internet connection. Managers walking around
exhibition could be monitoring what their shop is doing while away from their
plant. Automatic messaging when a machines status changes and on line
efficiency reports will allow management to assess how well their shop is going

Accessories & more:

Dimac will have several new products from
a diverse range of OEMs at its stand this year, including Freddy Products: a
vacuum coolant cleaner for coolant and swarf. The new Freddy Superminor+ is
designed to remove coolant, swarf and oil from machine tool sumps, separate the
particulates and return filtered coolant for re-use. Alternatively liquids and
particles can be easily disposed of. The new Freddy Superminor+ has been
re-engineered for even greater cost effective coolant management. Other
products on show include a workholding system for difficult to hold parts using
light a activated bond from Blue Photon and live centres from Royal Products.

Industrial Minerals will be showcasing the Geoblaster wet abrasive
machine & Novatek Dustless tools, innovative equipment designed to control
dust and air pollution in the industrial sector.

Trademaster specialised pipe bevelling machines will be on
demonstration this year at Austech. The company will be showcasing a range of
portable mandrel machines for bevelling steel pipe from diameters 32mm – 372mm.

Anca Motion shows its LinX Linear motors this year. The
cylindrical linear motors offer a conitnuous force rage of 407N to 815N as well
as high-speed acceleration. The cylindrical design provides improved
performance at a lower cost when compared to conventional flat linear and
rotary motors. Zero net attractive forces improve efficiency with no down
force, extending machine life. The LinX linear motor range is available in a
variety of different sizes to allow for application-specific solutions.

Ausfork has recently launched its new online training and
record keeping service called ACT-Online at the Cemat Exhibition in Sydney.
Ausfork has focussed on all of the Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) such as
Forklifts, Pallet Jacks, electric Pallet Jacks, Walkie Stackers and developed
online theory modules for the purpose of equipment specific Inductions,
Refresher Training and Verification of Competence (VOC). It is all backed by a Learning Management
System that keeps all of the records ‘in the cloud’

Of course,
there will be many, many more products and exciting technology on show, so make
sure you don’t miss this event! Organiser AMTIL looks forward to welcoming you to our
show from 26 to 29 May 2015.

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