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AUSTECH 2015: A must-attend event with domestic onshoring on the rise

The AUSTECH 2015 exhibition, organised by AMTIL is being held in May this
year at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

This year’s AUSTECH exhibition comes at the right time, with the fall in
the value of the Australian dollar expected to stimulate the manufacturing
sector over the coming months.

BlueScope Steel boss Paul O’Malley recently commented that the weaker
Australian dollar was starting to drive manufacturers back to Australia in a
sign the economy was adjusting to a post-mining boom world. He observed that
domestic onshoring was consequently getting a boost after the very strong trend
towards offshoring for almost six years.

This year’s AUSTECH exhibition, which is being co-hosted with National
Manufacturing Week (NMW), is expected to attract a combined total of over
10,000 visitors.

AMTIL Event Manager and AUSTECH organiser Kim Warren comments that the
exhibition is a must-attend for all manufacturers of production technology
aiming to serve customers on the Australian market. Considering the general positive
trend towards onshoring, AUSTECH should not be missed by owners and managers of
job shops, manufacturing facilities or research departments as they require
efficient manufacturing technology, comprehensive engineering skills and good
service to be competitive.

The AUSTECH and National Manufacturing Week are attended by thousands of
industrial decision-makers to get ideas and find ways to cut costs and get more

Eric Woodgate, Managing Director of Shamic Sheetmetal Pty Ltd, one of
the regulars at the event, said that they purchased their Amada fibre laser
cutting machine after the last exhibition.

Hare & Forbes customer Michael Arena from Arena Engineering is
another regular visitor to the show, where he sees new technology demonstrated
and chooses the best for his needs.

To be held from 26 May to 29 May at the Melbourne Convention &
Exhibition Centre, AUSTECH 2015 will be one of several major industry events being
hosted under one roof including NMW; Safety First Conference & Expo; SMART
Supply Chain & Logistics Conference; Inside 3D Printing Conference; as well
as the Victorian Government Manufacturing Hall of Fame Gala Awards Dinner.

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