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Attracting university graduates

Our industry has failed to attract young people to help grow trained technicians in the sphere, but the Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation (IICA) plans to tackle this with a range of events aimed at educating the masses.

The Institute IICA held a very successful Industry forum luncheon on 29th October 2008 at Engineers House, North Melbourne.

This was an informal luncheon for a selected group of employers to discuss the future of the industrial instrumentation technician in Australia. The IICA and our partners at RMIT have identified the failure of our industry to attract younger people into this career path.

Unless we attract the new technician into the industry now, we will be facing a skill shortage which will have dire consequences, not only for our industry, but also for the Australian community. We need Industry to support us in changing this downward trend.

The subjects for discussion at the event were:

1. The future career path for the Instrumentation and Control technician

2. Review and recommendations of the existing training resources and infrastructure

3. Value to the corporate sector by introducing professional recognition

4. Strategies to secure the future industry.

See next issue for further information on the forum and outcomes for the future.

Mildura Table Top Exhibition

The IICA recently held a Table Top Exhibition in Mildura (21st August 2008) in Victoria at the Hotel Mildura Grand. This exhibition was a great success with 30 exhibitors and over 60 Table Top visitors. Both exhibitor and visitor feedback was very positive. The exhibition created a chance for suppliers and potential customers to network and gain contacts in the local area.

The IICA would like to thank all exhibitors and visitors who attended this event.

Why miss out on potential customers in both metropolitan and regional areas?

The IICA has 15 Table Top Exhibitions planned around Australia in 2009. Table Tops are an opportunity to exhibit your company’s products and services to potential customers around Australia at a low cost.

The majority of 2008 events have sold out quickly so don’t delay in making your booking. Substantial discounts are available by booking multiple events.

Download a booking form from the IICA website at Otherwise, contact Melissa Greco or Cathie Tynan for further information on 03 9326 9851 or by emailing

Dirk Kuiper is the IICA’s vice president and is also the managing director at AMS Instrumentation and Calibration in Victoria.

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