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ATS Siemens Simatic IT Breakfast Seminar

Two Siemens Simatic IT Breakfast Seminars in Melbourne (15/08) and Sydney (20/08) will present he strategic developments, real implementation stories and a critical perspective on Simatic IT by Mike James, MESA Europe Board member and Group Managing Director of ATS.


8.30: Breakfast

9.00 — 9.45: “Siemens A&D AS MES” will provide a presentation on the Simatic IT product portfolio development and strategies towards the future.

9.50 —10.35: Why did Quest International and Carlsberg Breweries choose for Simatic IT and how is the implementation roadmap defined? End User presentation

10.35 —10.50: Coffee/tea

10.55 – 11.30: Joint session ATS — Siemens on the benefits of a strong joint partner approach and a demonstration of some examples of Simatic IT functionality that has been implemented at various customers. Emphasising the approach, as these projects have been very successful.

11.35 — 12.15: ‘ATS will provide an analysis of Simatic IT, the good, the bad and the ugly. Critically, will Simatic IT support your Continuous Improvement efforts?’ By Mike James, Group Managing Director ATS International B.V.

You can register online or call (03) 9761 2444

The ATS Siemens Simatic IT breakfast seminar will be offered free of charge.

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