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ATS International strengthens partnership with Siemens by offering industrial software

ATS International recently expanded their structured offer for Manufacturing Operations by adding SIMATIC IT R&D Suite into their portfolio.

ATS is long-time partner of Siemens AG in the area of Integrated Automation Solutions, which includes devices, software, industrial networks and Manufacturing Execution Systems. 

This will allow ATS to resell, deploy and support the SIMATIC IT R&D Suite for manufacturers with facilities and suppliers around the world. As an Independent Solution Provider of Industrial and Process Automation, Quality and Information Technology Solutions, ATS has more than 30 offices in 17 different countries, which will facilitate the deployment and support of the solution.

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite is a scalable software platform to cover typical R&D activities such as development of new products, product maintenance and product enhancement. It provides functionality required for more efficient R&D processes and cross-disciplinary collaborative analysis.

This includes software components for project data management, formula and packaging development, trial and experiment management, production process design, electronic notebooks, quality control, laboratory management, specification management, batch and inventory management, and pilot plant manufacturing.

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite is based on the same architectural platform as SIMATIC IT Production Suite and so facilitates the integration of R&D data and workflows with the manufacturing environment.

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite contributes to brand value through R&D efficiency and innovation and its role of specification management allows for built-in quality and regulatory compliance in formulae, product and production process designs. It lets scientists capture all R&D data in a structured yet flexible manner.

These data are centralised for both intellectual property monitoring and protection, as well as re-use in current and future experiments. The integrated R&D platform offers cross-component data structures and workflows so that all stake-holders in R&D related processes work together and follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Paul Bron, Director of Global Operations, ATS International, said, "For ATS, this partnership will present new business opportunities and a secure and competent partner for our customers, as both companies anticipate collaborating on existing and additional projects.

Furthermore, local and global customers who purchase SIMATIC IT from ATS have the convenience of turning to one, single point of contact at every step before, during and after the implementation."

Filip Schiettecat, Director Business Development, Siemens, said, "Partnering with ATS International is a great fit for us. We know each other for many years and already have a successful collaboration.

"ATS is well oriented in our products and solution, and has coverage in areas of the globe where Siemens seeks to expand. We are looking forward to bringing new, international clients on board, and seeing the results that they achieve through our combined solutions."

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