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ATS buys-out ASI Datamyte, Inspect product line bound for Aus

ATS International has reached agreement with ASI Datamyte Inc to buy the US-based business and software of its Inspect product line — originally developed as a visual defect quality tool primarily for the automotive industry, but now incorporating more alarming functions for the process industry.

The product has been expanded and is now used by members of the cars and light trucks, heavy trucks, tier 1 automotive suppliers, electronics, military and aerospace, and consumer goods markets.

Inspect, renamed ATS Inspect, uses a data collection system to collect visual attribute data for visual inspection and quality alarms/reporting and defect management.

According to ATS, is has gained an important foothold in the market by acquiring the Inspect business. The new acquisition will allow ATS to play in the quality operations management market, which is part of the manufacturing execution systems market.

Existing users include Toyota, Nissan, Yamaha, Paccar, Gulfstream, Rolls-Royce Aerospace and in the USA even the US Mint.

ATS will now bring the new technology to new markets world wide, it says.

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