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Atomising spray nozzle with 360-degree coverage

Exair's 1/4 NPT internal mix 360 Degree Hollow Circular Pattern Atomising Spray Nozzle atomises fluid and sprays away from the nozzle in all directions. These nozzles are ideal where a smooth, even coating is needed on the inside diameter of a pipe or similar ductwork. 

They are also effective for operations where mist over a broad area is needed, such as dust suppression, humidification and cooling. They combine liquid and compressed air inside of the air cap to produce the finest mist of atomized liquid that can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of your application. These spray nozzles provide liquid flows from 7 to 40 litres per hour. 

With Exair's Atomizing Nozzles, you can coat, cool, treat and paint a variety of products using compressed air and liquids with a viscosity of up to 300 Centipoise. They are commonly used with water, light oils, rust inhibitors, chemicals, paints and dyes.  

The stainless steel construction of these Atomizing Nozzles adds to their durability and corrosion resistance. Exair's Atomizing Nozzles are available with ¼” and ½: NPT or BSP connections and in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs. All models are adjustable, come with our 5-year warranty and are CE compliant.

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