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AstraZeneca to deploy OFS in Sydney facility

Operations Feedback Systems (OFS) announced today that global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca will be deploying the OFS Software Suite in its Australian operations at the North Ryde manufacturing facility in Sydney.

OFS is a provider of real time productivity improvement software.

AstraZeneca Australia commenced a three-month trial of OFS in September 2013 and found that, collaboration between operational areas and management began to improve.

Gains in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) followed and extending the OFS deployment to the rest of the facility became an obvious progression.

“What initially attracted us to OFS was their proven ability to implement their software suite quickly and with minimal fuss,” said Paul Ives Operational Excellence and Strategy Manager, AstraZeneca Australia.

“Within five weeks we were live and the results that followed over the three-month trial were significant. Unplanned downtime and setup time reduced significantly, and our run speed increased all resulting in a 13% OEE improvement from month 1 to month 3. We have now approved the deployment of OFS to further key production lines over the course of 2014 and 2015,” added Ives.

“AstraZeneca are a great example of a business determined to improve the feedback loop between the operational audience management,” said James Magee, National Sales Manager for OFS.

“The improvement in performance during the trial was brilliant and we are looking forward to seeing this replicated on all future OFS monitored production lines at North Ryde.”

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