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AspenTech acquires Pipeline Scheduling and Dock Scheduling Software

Aspen Technology has acquired Pipeline Scheduling System (PSS) and Dock Scheduling System (DSS) software from Refining Advantage.

PSS is a pipeline scheduling tool that enables pipeline companies, refineries and terminals with pipelines to optimise their pipeline schedules and improve profitability and safety.

DSS is used by refineries and terminals to schedule their docks, enabling them to save on demurrage costs that are incurred due to delays in on-loading or off-loading cargo.

AspenTech’s existing Petroleum Supply Chain products include Aspen PIMS, a petroleum and petrochemical planning system and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler, which enables collaborative creation of refinery schedules.

Adding PSS and DSS, which are already used by some refineries, will enable AspenTech customers to further optimise their petroleum supply chains.

Mark Fusco, President & CEO, AspenTech said: “aspenONE Petroleum Supply Chain software maximises profitability and drives improvements across the entire petroleum supply chain.

"PSS and DSS will provide additional capabilities to enable our customers to manage and schedule entire facilities, including docks and pipelines. This will result in more effective optimisation of the petroleum supply chain.” 

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