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ASM develops thinnest magnetostrictive sensor

ASM has launched the PCFP25 series of slim line Magnetostrictive sensors to compliment the existing Posichron range, distributed nationally by Automated Control Engineering (ACE). The PCFP25 is a slim, non-contact linear position sensor using Magnetostrictive sensing technology that has been specifically designed for harsh applications with limited space. With a profile of only 8mm x 28mm it can fit into areas that were previously inaccessible.

The PCFP25 is an industrial grade sensor which has been designed to be maintenance free due to the non-contact Magnetostrictive sensing technology which is also highly resistant to shocks and vibration. Due to the very small profile of the sensors they can also be used for safety critical applications where two PCFP25 units can be mounted together, either vertically or horizontally to provide two totally independent redundant outputs.

Posichron represents a family of non-contact linear position sensors and the addition of the new PCFP25 extends the application ranges to areas with limited access or that are safety critical. This series of sensors offer a range of absolute analogue outputs of 0-10VDC and 4-20mA as well as CAN-bus versions and can be supplied in stroke lengths from 100mm to 5500mm in increments of 10mm.

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