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ASC launches three new families of 4-20 mA current output sensors

Advanced Sensors Calibration (ASC) GmbH, has announced the introduction of three new families of 4-20 mA current output accelerometers for structural monitoring applications. The new release includes a low-noise series and a high-bandwidth series, both available in uniaxial, biaxial and triaxial configurations.

“With the launch of 4-20 mA current output accelerometers, we are providing the end user with the flexibility to use long cables during vibration measurements, for instance where cable lengths could exceed a couple of hundred metres. When using voltage output accelerometers, the user needs to calibrate the sensor during installation and during changes to the cable length due to the drop in voltage output over long cables. Current output sensors not only free the user from this additional onsite calibration and sensitivity check but also provide better EMI immunity,” says Renate Bay, Managing Partner at ASC GmbH.

“Today’s release includes the Uniaxial (1711LN, 1721), Biaxial (1511LN, 1521) and Triaxial (1611LN, 1621) accelerometer series for structural monitoring applications on bridges, buildings, windmills and other industrial environments,” Renate Bay adds.

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