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ARENA invests $59.1m into hydrogen and low emissions iron and steel research

ARENA announced the allocation of $59.1 million in funding across 21 research projects aimed at advancing renewable hydrogen and low-emission iron and steel technologies.

On behalf of the Australian Government the funding has been provided to research teams from some of Australia’s top universities, research organisations, start-ups and companies.

ARENA chief executive Darren Miller said funding early-stage R&D and pushing innovation was at the core of ARENA’s mission in supporting the global transition to net zero emissions.

An initial $25 million in funding was provided for each of the two funding rounds – Renewable Hydrogen and Iron & Steel.

Due to the quality of applications, ARENA has increased the total funding amount to $59.1 million.

Grant funding for each successful applicant ranges between $1.3 million and $5 million.

“We’re backing Australian technological innovation that helps build our clean industries and underpins our ambitions of becoming a renewable energy superpower,” said Miller.

Funding for the R&D projects will be provided over two stages, an initial core research stage followed by a research commercialisation stage aimed at scaling up and demonstrating application of research breakthroughs in the market.

“Innovation starts in the lab, and we have the best minds taking our decarbonisation efforts to the next level – to the benefit of all Australians through jobs, lower emissions and cheaper energy,” said Miller.

ARENA report Australia is the world’s largest exporter of iron ore, supplying up to 53 per cent of international exports each year. Decarbonisation through the iron & steel value chain will have a significant impact on global emissions reduction.

The Iron and Steel R&D round aims to support a step change in emissions abatement pathways in the production of iron and steel, and encourage additional research capacity in these sectors, facilitating collaboration between research groups and industry.

Renewable hydrogen is also expected to play a large role in reducing emissions in hard-to-abate sectors like iron and steel production.

The Hydrogen R&D round aims to accelerate the commercialisation of renewable hydrogen through innovation in hydrogen production, storage and distribution technologies.

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