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Arcam acquires medical 3D printed implant manufacturer

Arcam, a maker of electron beam melting additive manufacturing systems, will
move into medical implant manufacturing after its acquisition of DiSanto Technology.

was established in 1967 as a medical contract manufacturer and has become a
specialist in orthopaedic implants. It employs around 100, according to the
release, and was a strategic partner to Arcam since February 2013.

“With this deal we will be part of
the leading company in 3D-printing in metals,” said DiSanto’s Ronald F. Dunn.

“This will enable us to help
customers in rapidly developing product applications and to commercially
produce products for them with Arcam’s cost-efficient, regulatory-cleared
Additive Manufacturing technology.”

The deal was worth $US 15.8 million
in cash and stock options.

“Through this acquisition Arcam’s
offering will cover the entire supply chain for our customers: Metal powders
through AP&C, acquired earlier this year, EBM systems and services through
Arcam AB and finished products through DiSanto,” said Arcam’s CEO Magnus
René. notes that this follows
several acquisitions by Arcam’s competitor 3D Systems, including in medical

The CSIRO has had an Arcam EBM machine
since 2012, able to print in metals and alloys including titanium and cobalt


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