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Apex Supply Chain Technologies expands into Asia-Pacific

Apex Supply Chain Technologies has opened its new Asia Pacific office, all part of its latest push into the Asia-Pacific region. 

Global CEO Kent Savage said at the opening: “We are excited to announce the opening of our Asia Pacific Office and Customer Experience Centre in Sydney Australia.”

Apex provides Cloud-based automated industrial vending solutions, lockers, smart store cabinets, intelligent controlled spaces and other dispensing solutions that enable companies in manufacturing, industrial and service sectors to manage, track and control tools, direct and indirect materials, supplies, parts, handheld assets, as well as retail click-and-collect self-serve order pick-up. 

Apex solutions, powered by proprietary Connect n’ Go technology and its Trajectory Cloud platform, are used by more than 15,000 corporate clients worldwide in industries like manufacturing, transportation and fleet, automotive aftermarket, distribution and logistics, mining and quarrying, and healthcare – wherever stock-outs are extremely costly or potentially hazardous, and where staying competitive means keeping your business up and running. Apex devices are also used in the retail, hospitality and restaurant industries to provide 24/7 self-serve, click-and-collect order pick up.

The company also recently launched its Actylus Smart Replenishment Solution – an intelligent system that sends automated, 24/7 restock alerts and supplier notifications, eliminating the need for counting trips and emergency stocking trips. 

This means there is no more safety stock, no more emergency orders. And more importantly, no more lines down. 

“On a worldwide basis, three million workers rely on Apex to get their supplies,” said Savage.

“No-one has the scalability and cloud technology that we do,” he added.

“In Australia, we mainly service the mining, process and oil & gas sectors.”

“We are also seeing keen interest for our products in the asset management sector as well,” he noted.

“Australia’s growing industrial and services sectors are challenged every day by tough global competition.”

“We believe the timing is ideal for companies looking to become more competitive to adopt Apex 24/7 automated technologies,” said Savage. 

“Apex solutions provide businesses an easy way to increase productivity, lower costs and make better decisions using robust business intelligence information right at their fingertips.”

“Our solutions automate the check-out and check-in of these valuable items, and provide greater productivity and reduced labour and replacement costs with 24/7 visibility of who’s using each item and when it’s due back,” Savage concluded.

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