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ANSTO and NMI sign collaborative MOU

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the National Measurement Institute (NMI), which share areas of common interest in both measurement and research, have signed a MOU formalising collaboration.

Together the two organisations are primary custodians of national infrastructure and facilities underpinning both Australia’s research in nuclear science and technology and metrology.

ANSTO and NMI are building on a relationship that was first established in 1960 when ANSTO was given authorisation to maintain the Australian standards in relation to radionuclides and ionising radiation.

Both organisations contributed to the redefinition of the kilogram, part of the redefinition of the base system of units by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

Following the support of delegates from sixty nations to the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures in Paris, the new system will be introduced on 20 May (World Metrology Day).

ANSTO CEO Adi Paterson welcomed the formal agreement.

“Beyond our common interest in measurement, ANSTO is the keeper of the standard for the Becquerel, there are existing and potential synergies for our organisations,” Paterson said.

“Collaboration will benefit Australian industries in numerous areas, such as food authenticity and the characterisation and measurement of advanced materials.”

Other collaborative activities are expected to include projects focused on micro and nano pollutants in the environment and novel radiation measurement methods .

Areas of cooperation will include the exchange of information, cross disciplinary engagement, academic exchanges, joint research projects, sharing of expertise and facilities and other activities.

Following the signing, the acting CEO of NMI and chief metrologist Dr Bruce Warrington delivered a lecture on “Redefining how we measure our world.” Dr Warrington, who attended the General Conference in Paris on behalf of Australia, explored the history of standardised measurement and the latest development linking each unit of measurement to a constant of nature.

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