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ANSTO graduate program gets underway

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) has opened its doors to 11 students from across Australia as part of its two-year graduate program.

Working from Lucas Heights, ANSTO’s 2019 graduates will get insights into nuclear science, engineering and technology and how it is being applied to help achieve sustainability for our health, environment and industries.

This intake of graduates have qualifications in fields as diverse as science, law, engineering and international security.

ANSTO is custodian of Australia’s most significant science infrastructure including the country’s only nuclear reactor, OPAL, which enables cutting-edge research and medicine production.

The CEO of ANSTO, Dr Adi Paterson, congratulated the graduates and said he looked forward to seeing them get real-world experience and develop exceptional skills.

“Being selected for the ANSTO Graduate Development Program is a huge achievement that puts you in good stead. Many of our graduates go on to support Australia’s scientific future,” Paterson said.

“Science, technology and innovation will be the cornerstones of Australia’s future economy, and ANSTO will provide them opportunities to make an important contribution early in their career.”

After graduating from The University of Technology, Sydney, Armidale’s Brad Boundy is excited to be a part of the program and working in a field that is both motivating and essential to Australia’s future.

“I’m very excited to have the opportunity to learn unique skills from some very experienced staff and mentors, while building my overall engineering knowledge and experience,” Brad said.

“Already at ANSTO I’ve been fortunate to be able to learn about medical isotope production. The world of medical production is fascinating and will only add to my career.

“I know I’ll get an incredible new array of skills and knowledge during my time here over the next two years.”

Like in other graduate programs, the cohort of graduates will work in rotation programs across the businesses, which are tailored to the graduate’s disciplines and interests.

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