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Another step forward for a green hydrogen plant in Cockburn


A feasibility study for a green hydrogen plant has been completed for the City of Cockburn in Western Australia, which investigated the use of green hydrogen to displace fossil fuels in local operations including fleet and administrative buildings. 

“The McGowan government has committed $160 million to making sure Western Australia reaches it potential and uses its capacity to develop cost effective renewable hydrogen to decarbonise our economy,” WA Hydrogen Industry minister Alannah MacTiernan said. 

“Cockburn has been an industrial hub for decades, and it’s important we look towards the future and better understand its clean energy potential. This report confirms the viability of a green hydrogen plant in Cockburn, and further supports our aim for WA to become a leader in the emerging renewable hydrogen industry.”  

The study successfully delivered a design for a green hydrogen facility, which also makes use of existing landfill gas power to enable round-the-clock off-grid hydrogen production. 

The renewable hydrogen produced would be used to sustainably refuel the City’s refuse collection vehicles, including the option to re-use leachate water. 

The design features an east-west solar field, a fully containerised water treatment plant, and a modular hydrogen production and refuelling plant capable of producing 440 kilograms per day hydrogen production and 1,000 kg hydrogen storage. 

The engineering work performed as part of the study has confirmed that there are no technical barriers to developing projects of this nature in Australia and that this project presents a fit-for-purpose green hydrogen solution for the City of Cockburn’s Henderson Waste Recovery Park. 

City of Cockburn was awarded $149,000 from the Western Australian government’s Renewable Hydrogen Fund to support the independent feasibility study. 

For more information about the study, head to the Hydrogen Public Knowledge Sharing Report online here. 

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