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ANCA Motion releases advanced linear motor

ANCA Motion has released its new LinX Linear Motor that has significant benefits over other traditional motors.

The LinX Linear Motor offers:

•    Continuous force range of 333N to 665N
•    High speed & acceleration force up to 4272N 
•    Designed for machine tool applications
•    Efficient cooling & thermal barrier
•    Low maintenance & installation costs
•    Zero backlash & zero down force
•    Efficient magnetic design & significantly reduced cogging

The innovative LinX Linear Motor offered by ANCA Motion provides improved performance at lower cost when compared to conventional flatbed linear motors and rotary motors. 

The cylindrical design and the extremely strong magnetic flux deliver excellent efficiency with continuous force from 333N to 665N and peak force from 2136N to 4272N. The high speed and acceleration, standalone thermal stability and the ability to achieve IP69K protection make LinX a suitable solution for machine tools, food processing and other automation industries.

ANCA Motion has refined the cylindrical motor even further with the LinX linear motors thermal barrier design (international patent pending). The thermal barrier is designed to separate and remove heat from the motor, eradicating thermal growth for the machine and making the motor substantially cooler. 

This has enabled ANCA Motion to remove the need for a dedicated cooling system as the LinX is able to use the machines current coolant system, improving floor space and reducing system costs.

The LinX motor design helps improve machine life and wear on guide ways or rails. It eliminates the downforce associated with flatbed motors, due to the zero net attractive forces. Because the magnets are contained within the stainless steel cylinder, machine builders can align the motor easier than before allowing machines to be built faster and safer. 

Being cylindrical in profile, the LinX system is also far more compact than flatbed motors, effectively fitting into a similar space as would a regular ball-screw and circular motor. This allows easy re-engineering & integration into machines requiring minimal floor space.

With no down force and no cogging, the LinX produces truly amazing machine performance with direct motion control resulting in a smoother motor and superior surface finish.
The LinX Linear motor can be used with any servo drive or when connected to ANCA Motion’s AMD5x and enabled with a unique algorithm, it increases axis stiffness and helps to minimises axis deflection with greater accuracy.

Overall when you combine the LinX linear motor with an external position sensor, you can achieve improved surface finish and component accuracy. The LinX linear motor allows you to reduce necessary floor space, machine downtime, backlash and position errors. 

The benefits of the higher force and speed allow you to increase productivity and customer satisfaction, making the LinX Linear Motor the new standard in linear motors.  

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