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ANCA Motion introduces new Australian made linear motors

ANCA Motion announces the launch of its new Australian designed and
manufactured LinX linear motors.

Expertly designed by a team of engineers at ANCA Motion’s Australian
head office in Bayswater, Victoria, the new cylindrical linear motors with specialised
servo drive software have been designed to eliminate all the drawbacks of
traditional flat platen motors.

Key benefits of the LinX linear motors include easier alignment of
magnets for faster machine build; safer to handle magnets to assist in employee
safety; no back-iron with reduced cogging allowing smoother motion for better
surface finish; and zero net magnetic attractive forces eliminating any risk of
increase in downforce to wear rails or guide-ways, extending machine life.

LinX linear motors perform exceptionally well against ballscrews with no
backlash or reversal errors due to better part quality. The higher acceleration
speed and velocities of the motor improve cycle times. The motor also enjoys a
longer lifespan and minimises maintenance downtime since there are no
mechanical parts to wear. The non-contact design of the motor negates the need
for lubrication, reducing consumable cost and maintenance effort, and eliminating
potential contamination of coolant oil by the lubricant.

LinX linear motors also offer several advantages over cylindrical linear
motors including a patent pending thermal barrier designed to separate and
remove heat from the motor, removing thermal growth issues for the machine; and
a patent pending lateral mounting cartridge that simplifies incorporating into
an existing machine design. With no additional cooling system required, system
cost and floor space requirement are reduced.

Used in conjunction with the ANCA Motion AMD5x servo drives with special
algorithm for increased axis stiffness, the motor will also minimise axis
deflection for increased accuracy.

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