An inside look at the Honeywell Software Centre and Design Studio [VIDEO]

Located in North Ryde on Sydney’s leafy north shore, the Honeywell
Software Centre and Design Studio is one of Honeywell’s core R&D centres.

Work at the centre focuses on user experience design and
also software development.

A recent project in which the team at the centre played a major
role was the development of the Experion Orion Console, an advanced display
technology that brings to life the plant control room of the future.

The console features an improved ergonomic design and better
displays to simplify control system management, reduce operator fatigue and
improve situational awareness.

The Console’s design was based on operator inputs gleaned
from visits to plant control rooms in both newer and older plants. The design
and capabilities are the result of behaviour observations, as well as insights
collected in multiple phases at plants, including process startups and during
periods of abnormal operations.

Established in 1984, the Honeywell Software Centre and
Design Studio recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

The highly qualified team at the centre works closely with
Honeywell’s other R& D centres to develop an integrated automation system
for Honeywell. Its focus is on the human machine interface.

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