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Amsterdam to provide free Wi-Fi to lower air pollution

In Amsterdam, a startup hopes to introduce electronic birdhouses that provide free Wi-Fi when they detect low levels of air pollution. The company behind the initiative is TreeWiFi, a startup attempting to address the lack of policies around air quality in The Netherlands.

The birdhouses are equipped with low-cost sensors that measure pollution in real time and create hyperlocal maps to encourage citizens to help improve air quality in their local area. The birdhouses also house Wi-Fi routers and LED lighting. When air quality is low, the birdhouse will light up red. When it is deemed passable, the birdhouse will light up green, indicating that the air is clean enough for the Wi-Fi to be activated. The company has also created a corresponding app that provides information on pollution in particular areas and gives tips on how to improve it.

The prototype phase began last month, with the birdhouses still undergoing development and testing. However, the birdhouses are expected to be officially rolled out in September, with the company hoping to eventually place one in every street of the city.


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