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AMS releases single system for moisture and hydrocarbon dew point analysis at gas companies

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the launch of a new
instrument that combines a proven hydrocarbon dew-point analyser with the
latest generation tuneable diode laser spectroscopy moisture analyser in a
single package to help gas companies ensure the quality of pipeline
transmission gas.

Moisture and hydrocarbon dew point are key parameters in determining gas
quality standards for custody transfer of pipeline transmission gas; reliable
measurements are also vital for the pipeline operators.

The package solution consists of Michell Instruments’ Condumax II, one
of the most frequently installed hydrocarbon dew point analysers around the
world, and the recently launched OptiPEAK TDL600 moisture analysers representing
the latest developments in spectroscopy, with improved sensitivity and accuracy
along with the ability to automatically cope with changing background gas

The combined system provides users with the benefits of both systems in
an easy-to-install package. The footprint is smaller than two analyser systems,
reducing costs and also saving on space.

The package includes both analysers and a combined sample conditioning
system to ensure a steady sample flow, which is at a uniform pressure and
temperature. It is fully certified for installation in hazardous areas
worldwide, with certifications from ATEX, CCSAUS and IECEx.

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