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AMS releases humidity calibration instruments for pharma manufacturing

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the availability of humidity
calibration instruments from Michell Instruments designed to ensure product
quality in pharmaceutical production.

Michell Instruments combines a comprehensive range of humidity
calibration instruments and equipment with a worldwide network of application
engineers offering support and training, ensuring pharmaceutical companies receive
the best value for money from their investment.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to follow rigorous standards
to ensure the quality of the drugs being manufactured at their facilities.
Control of humidity during manufacture, storage and packing is vital for the
final product to meet all the criteria. This is achieved by installing several relative
humidity and moisture sensors around the production facilities, with all the
sensors requiring regular calibration and verification to deliver consistent
and accurate performance.

While independent calibration laboratories provide an excellent service,
users of large numbers of humidity probes and sensors are better served by an
in-house calibration laboratory in terms of convenience and cost-effectiveness.
Sensors can be calibrated and verified on the spot and response to requests for
support can be immediate, ensuring minimum product wastage and production

Humidity calibration instruments from Michell Instruments play a key
role in helping leading pharmaceutical companies meet their humidity
calibration requirements. Pharmaceutical companies not only benefit from
Michell’s expertise developed over 40 years of humidity calibration experience,
but also the high level of support, which ensures the efficiency of in-house
calibration facilities.

Michell’s support
engineers were recently able to help a key player in the pharmaceutical market
reactivate their in-house moisture calibration system after years of being left
idle following a change of staff. The pharmaceutical company’s calibration
system is now fully operational and playing a vital role in the production
process by providing full traceability for in-house calibrations.

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