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AMS releases graphical screen digital panel meter

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the release of a new economical
graphical screen digital panel meter from London Electronics.

Designed as a compact, low cost and easy-to-use panel meter, Model N21 can
be configured using a USB connection. All configuration settings can be saved
to a file, which also stores the panel meter’s serial number for QA
traceability. The graphical function allows the user to create a digital and
bar graph representation of the measurement.

Key features of Model 21 digital panel meters include front panel with sealed
IP65 design ideal for installation in wet areas; accepts 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V
AC or 230V AC power as standard; capability to give a 24V DC output at up to
30mA to power user’s 4-20mA loop; configurable alarm relay provided; and
customisation allowed for units of measure to suit user requirements.

Model N21 accepts the following input signal ranges: -70 to +70 mV DC (for DC shunt
signal measurement); -12 to +12 V DC (for 0-10V process signals); -24 to +24 mA
DC (for 4-20mA process signals); -200 to + 850C PT100, 2 and 3 wire; -50 to
1200C Type J; and -50 to 1370C Type K.

The input signal can be averaged over a chosen time span from 0.5 to 20 seconds.
The alarm relay is rated 250V AC 0.5A resistive load and can have a
programmable delay from 0 to 3600 seconds to prevent nuisance alarming caused
by short term variations.

Model N21 digital panel meters are ideal for temperature measurement, tank
contents measurement, pressure measurement, DC current measurement via shunt, weight
indication, tidal height indication, borehole water table indication, and humidity
measurement and alarm.

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