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AMS releases easily installed self-contained dew point instruments

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the release of a new self-contained compact dew point instrument designed for easy installation.

The DryCheck from Michell Instruments is an accurate and stable dew point instrument with a built-in simple sampling system. The compact size allows the instrument to be easily installed in a number of dew point measurement applications such as compressed air dryers, ozone generators, plastic moulding machines and industrial gas manufacture.

All components are housed in a rugged IP65 rated polycarbonate case that can be wall mounted at a convenient point close to the gas sample. Key features of DryCheck dew point instruments include a clear cover to protect the display and sample flowmeter; gas connection (gas in and gas out) provided using quick connect push-fittings, suitable for use with 6mm OD Teflon tubing; and mains power input, connection to the 4-20 mA analogue output, and two user programmable voltage free relay contacts all easily accessible behind the lower panel.

The DryCheck uses the Michell Instruments Easidew On-Line to measure dew point in the range -100°C to + 20°C dew point, or moisture content in the 0-3000 ppm range. Based on Michell’s advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor, the DryCheck provides accurate and stable measurement. The calibration data for each sensor is stored within the transmitter’s flash memory enabling Michell Instruments to offer their unique sensor exchange scheme, keeping calibration costs and downtime to an absolute minimum.

The DryCheck sampling system includes a 0.3 micron particulate filter element, a monolithic sampling block to house the Easidew transmitter, as well as a valve and flowmeter for setting the sample flow. The filter element is easily replaceable to ensure that the sensor is protected. All components are rated to 10 Barg, and the DryCheck can be configured for measurement of dew point at system or atmospheric pressure.

The DryCheck features a clear 20mm red LED display, which can be programmed to display dew point in °C or °F or moisture content in ppmV. The instrument also provides a 4-20 mA output and 2-off alarm relays. All these features are easily configurable by the user via the front panel of the display.

Designed for quick and easy maintenance, the DryCheck is a good choice for applications where ease of use and simple installation are important factors.

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