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AMS releases compact portable hygrometers

The latest range of Michell portable hygrometers available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration is designed to simplify and speed up spot
checks of dew point in air and gases. 

The new MDM50 portable hygrometer from Michell Instruments delivers
rapid dew point measurements in compressed air. A polymer sensing element,
which also provides long-term stability and resistance to chemical
contamination, is key to the hygrometer’s measurement speed, making the instrument
suitable for use in industrial settings where contamination could be an issue.

In addition to the chemically-resistant sensor and integrated
particulate filter, the enclosure is rated to NEMA 6 (IP68) when the lid is
closed. The fully self-contained design of the MDM50 portable hygrometer
featuring an integrated sampling system within the compact case ensures simple

Taking a measurement involves connecting to the sample gas with a Quick
Connect or optional Swagelok tube fitting and turning on the instrument, with
the MDM50 automatically starting dew point measurement of the sample gas.

Key features of the MDM50 portable hygrometers include a wide
measurement range of ‑50°C to +20°C dew point; lightweight design at 4kg; and long
battery life of 16 hours enabling users to work continuously in locations where
there is no access to charging points.

Michell’s MDM50 portable hygrometers are ideal for dew point measurement
in compressed air dryers, and moisture measurements in medical gases, polymer
chip dryers and instrument air.

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