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AMS is a Beamex Premium

Beamex has introduced the Beamex Premium Partner Program, to encourage its sales partners to provide world-class customer service; Australia’s AMS Instrumentation & Calibration is one of the first.

The first Premium Partner agreement was made with Germex, Beamex’s sales partner in Germany. In addition to Germex, Beamex has made Premium Partner agreements with three other companies: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd (Australia), Gometrics (Spain) and JMEX (Sweden).

To ensure future success , Beamex needs partners who understand thoroughly their value proposition, customer needs and has the ability to provide world-class customer service and support.

In order to reach a Premium Partner status, a Beamex sales partner needs to meet various requirements, such as direct focus in Beamex products and customer segments, high position among represented product lines, trained personnel as well as availability of high-quality customer service and helpdesk abilities.

In addition to Beamex and its sales partners, the program provides clear benefits for Beamex’s customers.

“Our customers are becoming more global and require local support and services in a unified manner, ‘the Beamex way’. With the introduction of the Premium Partner Program, we ensure that our customers worldwide get customer service with high and consistent quality”, explains Jan-Henrik Svensson, VP Sales & Marketing, Beamex Group.

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