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AMS appointed distributor for PAC – Process Analytics Division

AMS has been appointed distributor for PAC – Process Analytics Division.

PAC has renewed its focus on process analytics and will leverage its Antek, ISL and PSPI businesses.

PAC’s expanding involvement in the process analytics market is a natural evolution, according to Daniel Benitez, VP Product Management & Marketing.

“PAC has achieved global pre-eminence over the years with our advanced laboratory analysis equipment and technologies," says Benitez.

"Now, we are bringing these proven methodologies to process analytics. These are transferable technologies; we’re dealing in most cases with the same customer, even though lab and process are essentially two different worlds. In simplest terms, we can essentially offer the customer ‘lab accuracy online,’ with correlation from lab to process using the same analytical engine.”

Primary process applications include nitrogen for catalyst protection and online sulphur. Customers experience improvements in speed and accuracy due to the real-time nature of the analysis rather than sampling and lab testing; overall lower cost of ownership than lab analysis; higher throughput due to less interruption of production, sampling, or process anomalies; and improved distillation analysis for blending operations.

Process analytics allow the customer greater control over the process, due in part to a shorter time between sampling – four times a day with laboratory-based analysis, versus every 30 minutes, for example.

Process optimisation and production control are improved, with full automation.

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