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AMS announces fast responding moisture analyser for stored natural gas

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the launch of a new range of moisture analysers designed to ensure quality in stored natural gas.

Michell’s new OptiPEAK TDL600 moisture analyser is based on a fast response and non-contact spectroscopic measurement principle that enables gas storage companies to not only meet demand quickly but also satisfy the contractual standards for moisture content when stored natural gas is withdrawn and pumped into the pipeline network.

Gas storage is integral to the natural gas industry to ensure uninterrupted supply to consumers. Gas is usually stored underground, in depleted gas reservoirs, aquifers or salt caverns. The water dew-point temperature or moisture content of the stored gas is measured during the filling (pressurisation) and usage (de-pressurisation) cycles. Storage pressures of up to 30 MPa require the gas to be very dry to prevent condensation.

Since underground storage facilities are used to meet demand in peak periods and are usually non-active during the summer, there is potential for moisture content to rise above acceptable levels during the inactive period. A reliable hygrometer is, therefore, vital to check for moisture when gas needs to be taken from storage.

Additionally, instrumentation has been observed to fail from exposure to aggressive compounds and harmful contamination, which may occur when there is no flow through the analyser. During these inactive periods, a corrosive, stale sample may sit in the analyser for many weeks. Decommissioning is not an option as little notice will be given for the withdrawal of the stored gas.

Designed to overcome these shortcomings, Michell’s OptiPEAK TDL600 moisture analysers feature a non-contact tuneable diode laser technology that ensures none of the sensing components is subjected to the gas stream, while being protected from the aggressive compounds and harmful contamination that would cause failure in other analysers.

The OptiPEAK TDL600 additionally offers a class-leading measurement accuracy of 1ppmv to support the rapid ramp-up in gas supply from the storage facility into the network. This means the analyser can respond to changes in moisture content in 2-3 seconds, allowing fast action to be taken to ensure continued supply.

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