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ALMEMO measuring instrument accommodates wide range of digital sensors

Bestech Australia introduces the new ALMEMO 202 measuring instrument developed to accommodate a wide range of digital sensors.

Sensors can be connected at either one of its two measuring inputs using a new connector type incorporating its own integrated analogue to digital converter (ADC) and serial interface. With this new D7 plug technology, the measuring ranges and numbers of sensors are completely independent of the measuring instrument. Each D7 connector gives access to up to 10 display/function channels, providing an excellent advantage when connecting multi-function sensors (e.g. temperature, pressure, humidity, etc).

The D7 technology not only offers temperature and atmospheric pressure compensation but also a wide variety of sensor-specific functions.

Made in Germany, the ALMEMO 202 is a compact, stable measuring instrument suitable for both mobile and stationary applications.

Key features and advantages of the ALMEMO 202 measuring instrument include energy-saving ability ensuring long operating times even when not connected to the mains supply; brightly illuminated graphics display indicating measured values, peaks, averages and limit values in a clear and easy-to-understand format; excellent value for money; and versatile application in special measuring operations and for tests in research and development projects. 

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