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All boxed up: the benefits of a one-supplier solution for enclosures

Pre-assembled electrical enclosures put your concepts and requirements all in the one box, ready to be wired up for action.

The highest level of customisation and – more importantly reliability can be brought about saving time, money and the issues of dealing with multiple subcontractors as you attempt to get your ideas into your enclosure.

The electrical assembly service at electrical and automation specialists Tro Pacific are able to deliver all components fully assembled and ready for the unit to be installed.

Delivered in 1.5 mm, IP66 marine grade stainless steel, the boxes are corrosion resistant and available in sizes from 300 x 200 x 150 mm, all the way up to 1200 x 1200 x 400 mm.

Other options include a sloping hood which makes cleaning easier and 316 stainless steel mounting brackets.

“The thing that’s unique is that no-one offers the same level of customisation to an enclosure, at the same time being able to order whatever components they need installed at the same time,” explained Karl Joyce, Account Manager at Tro.

The option of a touchscreen mounted at the front of one of the heavy-duty set-ups for example, is available. Elsewhere you would have to make a hole by yourself in the enclosure, procure a touchscreen, and install it or have somebody outside of your company do so.

Tro Pacific is also an authorised dealer of global brands including Phoenix Contact Idec, HellermannTyton and Delta. These relationships mean a greatly simplified one-supplier solution, as well as savings on the components themselves.

Another advantage is the team of in-house engineers, technicians and tradespeople simultaneously working on the solution at all stages; from concept to development, to production to commission.

Instead of the end user having components delivered in dribs and drabs at different times, being assembled by different subcontractors, the finished project is delivered in full with the only thing left to do being for an electrician to wire things up.

Operations, production and maintenance managers are saved the trouble and time of getting an enclosure from one place and getting it modified with parts sourced from elsewhere.

The hardy, fully welded mono-block stainless steel option from Tro is perfect for demanding and high hygiene environments such as food and beverage.

“Our clients love these enclosures, they’re just so solid,” offered Joyce.

“It’s the first thing most people say when they first see them, they look like they can handle anything.”

Great flexibility is offered in designing an enclosure; customers can bring along their CAD drawings or even just their basic ideas, with Tro able to pick it up from there.

Even a basic conversation is treated with strict confidentiality. A customer’s IP is treated with the respect it deserves. For more on the company’s privacy policy, click here.

The delivered product and the service behind it are highly unique. There are of course, other enclosure vendors in the country that offer modification, but the 100% Australian owned Tro might be alone in supplying and installing every bit of accompanying hardware.

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