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Algae.Tec commissions its showcase biofuels facility Shoalhaven One in Nowra

Algae.Tec an advanced algae to biofuels company with a high-yield enclosed algae growth and harvesting system recently commissioned its showcase biofuels facility Shoalhaven One in Nowra, NSW.

Algae.Tec Executive Chairman Roger Stroud said the commissioning process was on track for production of algae biomass in early June, ramping up to capacity by the end of June.

The Shoalhaven One showcase facility team has the bioreactor technology and associated racks, piping, and separation tanks in place, and full testing and final validation is now underway.

“The Algae.Tec facility is positioned to take a carbon dioxide feed from the Manildra Groups manufacturing facility,” Stroud said.

Algae.Tec's USA-based Technical Director Earl McConchie is currently in Australia overseeing the commissioning team

Algae.Tec has carbon capture biofuels projects underway in Sri Lanka with cement company Holcim, and in China. An arrangement is in place with Lufthansa for aviation fuel studies.

The Shoalhaven One initial bioreactors were assembled and shipped from The Algae Manufacturing and Development Centre in Atlanta.

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