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Alarm management handbook tops the ISA chart

PAS authors Eddie Habibi and Bill Hollifield have been recognised as the recipients of the Raymond D. Molloy Award presented by ISA Publications Department for selling the most copies of Alarm Management: A Comprehensive Guide, Second Edition.

The 260 page book is priced at US$89 for non ISA members.

The annual award is presented to the book that addresses the needs of automation professionals while meeting the standards and expectations of the ISA Publications Department.

The book is designed for engineers in refineries and other process plants to help them optimise alarm systems that have been known to contribute to abnormal situations, rather than assist in preventing them.

Accidents like Texas City and Deepwater Horizon, to name just a few, had components directly related to poor alarm management. Alarm Management: A Comprehensive Guide, Second Edition is specifically designed to help prevent those types of accidents.

Eddie Habibi is the founder and CEO of PAS, a human reliability solutions provider that serves the power and processing industries.

PAS’ solutions are focused on operations effectiveness for improving plant reliability and safety through implementation of alarm management, high performance operator interfaces, and automation systems management.

Bill Hollifield is PAS’s Principal Alarm Management and High Performance HMI Consultant. In addition to participating on ISA standards committees, Bill has multi-company, international experience in all aspects of Alarm Management and HMI development.

His career of 35 years has included petrochemical industry engineering, operations management, and a decade of alarm management and HMI consulting.

Alarm Management: A Comprehensive Guide joins selected few successful publications from ISA that have received this award,” said Eoin O’Riain, Vice President of ISA Publications Department. “ISA Publications is delighted to recognise the authors for this achievement.”

“Raymond D. Molloy was the ISA volunteer who did more for the Publications Department than any other volunteer over a long period of time in the 20th century,” said Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief of Control magazine and

“I learned a great deal from Ray, and he would be extremely pleased to know that his memorial award will help to reduce the number of abnormal situations in the process industries. He’d be pleased.”

“We are honoured to be the recipients of the Raymond D. Molloy award,” said Habibi. “Writing this book was tremendously rewarding, especially with the support we received from several brilliant individuals at PAS.”

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