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AKM4 and AKM6 gear motor for washdown food applications

Motion Technologies introduces the new AKM41E-BF06 and AKM62K-BK17 gear
motor series in a washdown food version from Kollmorgen.

Designed for use in most transport and rotation applications in the
food, beverage and packaging industries, the gear motors come with the
advantage of Kollmorgen’s years of servo drive experience. The new gear motor
series combines an AKM servomotor with highly efficient gearheads and the AKD
servo drive with Ethercat.

Key advantages of the ready-to-install drive units featuring a
consistent, hygienic design include significantly reduced cleaning times due to
smooth and water-repellent surfaces; ongoing low energy costs thanks to the
highly efficient motor/gearhead combinations; and simplified design options for
machines implemented by means of space-saving assembly without additional
stainless steel casings.

The motor/gearhead combinations from Kollmorgen meet the highest hygiene
standards and reduce the risk of product contaminations and recalls thanks to
the use of FDA-compliant materials and the specially rounded housing design.

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