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AirXpert, a compressed air guide on CD

Champion Compressors has released a CD-based customer service resource called ‘AirXpert’. The business-card sized CD contains an interactive installation checklist that guides the user through correct air compressor installation procedures that save time and money.

Also included on the free CD package is Champion’s compressed air technical manual and product catalogue. AirXpert was conceptualised and designed by Champion’s engineering and technical support team. It is a guide to best-practice methods associated with the selection, installation and operation of industrial air compressors.

Taking the form of an interactive user-friendly presentation, the air compressor installation checklist consists of ‘clickable’ menus that provide information on installation parameters. Such parameters include access, ventilation, electrical and piping, plus critical installation recommendations. Using a combination of animation, tables, diagrams and calculation sheets, the presentation identifies all safety and operational issues that must be addressed before, during and after installation. AirXpert’s all-inclusive content makes it a valuable troubleshooting reference during both commissioning and everyday operation.

“AirXpert greatly reduces the need for time-consuming maintenance and replacement of parts resulting from incorrect installation,” said Paul Issai, Champion’s Marketing specialist. “By educating our customers, we hope to make them more aware of the challenges associated with air compressors and their installation.”

For a free copy of AirXpert, contact your local Champion Compressors branch.

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