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Air manager for blower applications

Kaeser has announced that their Sigma Air Manager (SAM) 4.0 is now available for blower applications. The product enables coordination and control of all components within a blower station to meet the user’s exact requirements. It also offers real-time gathering, transmission and management of in-process operating data, which enables the user to anticipate faults and act quickly before they occur.

SAM 4.0 acts as the central brain of a blower station, and controls various machines for optimum efficiency, while precisely matching air delivery with the required airflow profile, according to the company. It also quickly analyses operating data, simulates possible responses and selects the most energy-efficient alternative.

The product can communicate in 30 languages and has a 12-inch colour screen that shows whether the station is in the green zone in terms of energy efficiency. It also displays data and messages not only at the blower station but also on a PC via a network connection. The product enables energy management in compliance with ISO 50001.

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