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Integration of IoT and AI for manufacturing and business


Nutonian has announced an OEM relationship with Autodesk. Autodesk’s IoT cloud platform Fusion Connect will embed Nutonian’s artificial intelligence (AI) modelling engine, Eureqa, to interpret IoT data and maximise business outcomes.

Eureqa automatically discovers the simplest possible predictive models from raw data, enabling users to solve data-driven business problems. With the integration of Eureqa in Fusion Connect, companies will have the ability to automatically churn through connected machine IoT data to predict product failure, as well as receive recommended improvements for existing product designs and identify potentially impactful new ones.

Manufacturing companies can use Eureqa to determine the baseline for how a piece of machinery behaves under normal conditions. If a machine’s sensors indicate abnormal or suboptimal behaviour, Fusion Connect’s predictive analytics, powered by Eureqa, will generate end-user alerts and dashboards explaining what is happening and why. This will enable customers to automatically anticipate machinery maintenance, identify product flaws and develop proactive business processes.

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