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Ai Group calls for business certainty after Senate rejects CPRS

The Senate’s rejection of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) this week will compound ‘uncertainty for business’, according to Australian Industry Group chief executive, Heather Ridout.

“The failure today of the Senate to pass the CPRS will prolong, if not compound the uncertainty for business. While it is good to let tempers cool and allow time for clear thought, Ai Group expressed support for the amended Bill and its failure to pass through the Parliament leaves this important policy issue unresolved,” Ridout said.

“The fate of the legislation does not diminish the importance of building bipartisan support for a national approach to emissions reduction that can form part of international action to address the threat of climate change. The new Coalition leadership support for the emission targets is welcome in this context.”

Ai Group will continue to support a market-based approach to climate change as a means of reducing emissions at the lowest possible overall cost to the economy, it said in a press report.

“Although the CPRS has not been passed, given the Government’s commitment to the July 2011 start date it is even more imperative that the education effort for business starts sooner rather than later. For this reason the Climate Change Action Fund should not be put on hold even though the direction of climate policy is now uncertain,” Ridout said.

“Ai Group will also continue to argue for an approach to climate policy that recognises and addresses the threats to our trade exposed industries which would face costs that are not imposed in other countries.”

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