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AG&P to modularise 26 local electrical and instrumentation rooms for Ichthys Project

AG&P has won a US$152 million contract to modularise 26 local electrical rooms (LER) and local instrumentation rooms (LIR) that will provide the electrical backbone of the Ichthys Project in Western Australia.

Ichthys is owned by Inpex and Total, which in turn contracted JKC, a consortium of three global EPC companies: Japan Gas Corporation, Kellogg, Brown and Root and Chiyoda, to execute the project on their behalf.

JKC has contracted AG&P to fabricate and assemble these modules for delivery to the project site in Western Australia. Ichthys is expected to cost US$34 billion and is the world’s second-largest LNG project.

Expected to begin fabrication in Q1 2013, the approximately three-year contract involves the construction of the LERs and LIRs, as well as the integration of high-value electrical and instrumentation equipment, together weighing over 17,000 MT.

LERs, specialised modules housing electrical transformers and switch gears which control all power distribution onsite, and LIRs, specialised rooms housing equipment used to monitor project progress, are critical to the success of the overall project.

The modules will be 100% mission-ready, with almost no additional work required upon their arrival in Australia, other than hook-up.

AG&P will be executing the entire fabrication and assembly works for the Ichthys LER/LIR project from its Batangas yards in the Philippines.

“The great advantage of AG&P’s Modstruction process is that it allows infrastructure to be built in a controlled environment to enhance safety and quality," said Joseph Sigelman, Chairman, AG&P.

"At the same time, it allows parallel processing of multiple facilities so that projects are finished faster than they can be in a normal construction setting which are constrained by a linear progression. This means that our clients can drive revenue often many months sooner,” added Sigelman.

Based in the Philippines, AG&P is an industrial process outsourcing company providing modular engineering, fabrication, modular construction and asset support services to the oil & gas, mining, power and civil infrastructure sectors. 

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