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AGL becomes foundation member for Bioenergy Australia

Bioenergy Australia has brought on board  AGL as a new Foundation member and as the first energy retailer and generator to show its support to Australia’s emerging Bioenergy sector.

Bioenergy Australia announced AGL’s membership following Bioenergy Australia’s participation in the Liddell Innovation Day, a project designed to catalyse innovation, investment and industry in the repurposing of Liddell and surrounding areas.

A number of Bioenergy Australia members were among the organisations participating in the Liddell Innovation Project. Shahana McKenzie, CEO, Bioenergy Australia said “It is exciting to see the approach that AGL are taking with the Liddell Innovation Project. We are encouraged by AGL calling on all sectors to respond to the challenge of transition”.

“Australia lags other developed and developing nations when it comes to bioenergy, accounting for just 1.5% of Australia’s total electricity generation, whereas bioenergy makes up a much greater share of total energy consumption in countries like Finland (24%), Sweden (22%), and Denmark (17%).  We have the potential to be at the forefront of being a solution, particularly given our very large agricultural sector. We are delighted to welcome AGL’s interest in supporting this space”.

AGL is committed to helping shape a sustainable energy future for Australia. It operates the country’s largest electricity generation portfolio, and is the largest ASX-listed investor in renewable energy.
Bioenergy Australia and AGL are looking forward to working together to explore opportunities for bio-economy solutions to be part of the Liddell Innovation Project and further opportunities to explore the role of bioenergy in the energy mix now and into the future.

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